Dieter Kranenburg is a longtime music-audio and video producer based in the Netherlands.

Dieter started dj-ing and making music in the 'eighties'. After several mixes broadcasted on national radio he met Robin 'Jaydee' Albers. Together with Michel Rozenbroek and Robin Albers, Dieter formed the dutch producers group 'The Sunclub'. In 1996 they were signed by SONY Music and in 1997 their song 'Fiesta' became a huge worldwide summer anthem. Later on, in 2003, the song 'Fiesta' was mixed with the Underdog Project's vocal 'Summerjam' by DJ Frank (Belgium). Again a summer hit was born.

For more information on Dieter's work, to get in touch regarding music/video, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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